Monday, November 9, 2009

Gratitude Monday 11.9.09

Dawn has put out a challenge to all who read her blog to
take the challenge each Monday, and describe what it is like to know one particular person in my life.

I am taking that challenge!
This week I will tell you all what it is like to know Jen B!
  • Jen is very sweet
  • She is very shy until you get to know her
  • Her funny side REALLY comes out when she's drinking
  • She takes on too much sometimes
  • She tries really hard and I admire that
  • I know I can call her and ask for something and she most likely will say yes
  • She needs more girl time but she doesn't have the time to have it
Jen is one of my best friends. She and a group of wonderful women rallied around me when I needed some girl power in my life. She totally understands my Twilight obsession and joins me in it. I so appreciate her and her advice and love and friendship. Thank you Jen!


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Dawn said...

Great Job Kim! Thanks for participating!


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