Thursday, September 15, 2011

[Day 4] Green

This is my life right now. Paint colors and decor. It's a fun time.


Lisa Harrison said...

Very creative!! Great shots. Are you renovating?

kimberly said...

Just moved into a brand new house. Thanks for asking.

The Gaggle Photography said...

The paint swatches are genius. What a super idea. We are moving to a new house soon too. Good luck painting.

Amy said...

Love the light in the first one. And decorating a new house is always fun!

Shannon Joy said...

So creative!!! Love the green paint samples!

Marisa said...

So very creative! Love the paint swatches, did you pick a shade of green?

kimberly said...

I did actually, it's a sage-y color called Mother Nature. :) I'm lovin green right now.


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